Time to Switch to USB Type C

A new type of USB standard that is USB C is all over the news. This new technology will provide faster USB speed as well as improved USB charging. We are very familiar with USB-A type.
Although there is not much difference in the connectors in USB 1, 2 or even in USB 3 but type C is more interesting. The orientation must be correct when you put it in. Type C is going to remove all the differentiation of using different USB for different use. It’s like a standard which will work anywhere like all in one connector.

USB C is capable of allowing different protocol changing the modes so that you can use HDMI, VGA, Display port or other type of connection. What type C offers is you won’t have problem using one for USB, HDMI, VGA or power port on typical laptops. Typically when you charge phone using USB it supply’s about 2.5 watt but USB C is able to provide 100watts. Furthermore, the USB is bi-directional so you can receive or send power using this USB.

A problem you might face with USB C is that you cannot connect it with older and larger version of USB but that won’t be a big problem as USB C is all in one USB. Also you will find both USB C port along with older versions like USB A port in your device. Apple’s USB type C is a mega hit.

Article Source: ITcrocBlog