Influence Marketing

A branch of Digital Marketing is Influence Marketing. By the term influence you can get an idea that its like being influenced by a mean. It’s almost correct as influence or influencer marketing is a form of marketing where focus is placed on specific individuals rather than targeting the whole market. It involves marketing products or services to those who knows the buyers of that product or services. It is quite similar to word of mouth marketing except there is no strictly recommendations. To make things simpler, assume that your best friend is marketing about a product. It’s easier for you to trust him and try the product as he is close to you. Similarly, product or services are exposed when a celebrity or highly respected person use that product or service. Influence marketing is powerful both in local and national level.

So, to this type of marketing first you need to identify the most relevant influencers. For example, if you are marketing shoes in Bangladesh, you should definitely go for a cricket player to be your influencer as Bangladeshi people are very passionate about cricket and cricket players are highly respected all over the country. It’s useless to choose a famous model in this case.

Next thing you need to do is to convince the influencer that what you are offering can actually be beneficial and provide value for money to the customers. Creating a relationship is far more important than dollar notes. Once you do that, you need to find the preference of your influencer. This makes them more interested to influence others. As soon as the influencer is convinced, you must make it easier for them to share your products as influencers are mostly like to share those contents with their followers.

According to record, Facebook is the place to get most of the influencers. But don’t ignore the other media. According to Forbes, 82% of the companies go for micro-influencers. That means, you don’t necessarily need to go for a very high profile star to be your influencer.

According to trend, paid influencers are not very appealing to customers anymore. However, this is not a good thinking as often influencers actually prefer the products. Hence, we expect to see influencer relationship management just like the conventional customer relationship management.

Its marketer’s duty to find out which products are services the celebrities or socially respectable community is using. Recently, there are many influencer marketing agencies available. Some of them manage campaigns, while others provide software as service. Among these, PR agencies are paid version of influencers. They target brands which are built through positive advocacy.

A reason for success of influence marketing can be the digitalization. These days, social media, television, internet is very available and can spread influencer’s message very easily. In this marketing process, you just find the perfect influencer and they will do the marketing for you.