Your Position in Workplace

What is your position in your workplace? Are you the one managing employees and tasks? Or you are working under your leader? Well I am in the first group but yes I also had the experience of working under leaders. So if you ask me obviously I would say I love to lead rather than being leaded. But is this the case for all of us? Let me speak honestly, I never felt like being a leader once. But as I have gained experience, I have gained the courage and skills to lead.
What does a leader need or what should be the quality of a leader? May be it depends on organizations but one theme is common everywhere. That is to give instructions and get it done! To get things done, there are ways. You can dominate your employees which is common among many managers or manager behaves friendly and even get his/her hands on the task himself/herself to inspires his followers. Both are required but it depends on whom you are leading. If an employee is sincere, workaholic then all you need to do is to inspire him/her. Compliment in a way which can show their faults but they don’t take it personally. Don’t take it in the wrong way. If an employee is not doing well, don’t follow the above method rather be polite and tell him/her what he/she is doing wrong. Try again and again. If you have to fire an employee then it’s your discredit that you have failed to lead him to success. Give your best shot and I am sure that poor performing employee will give you a result. If the result is still not satisfactory then you can let him/her go, but do try.
There can be many reasons for under performance. It can be personal, it can be work related, can be mental and so on. Make sure you have the ability to determine the cause. No, not asking to be telepathy. Discuss with an under performing employee, what’s wrong with him/her? Inspire them, advise them, leas them within your capability.
A good manager always plan everything considering all possible aspects. There can be occurrence, there can be sick team members and a good manager must take this into consideration and calculate the proper timing for performing any task. Never plan tightly. Keep the risk factor in the work schedule. May be this is the reason in book we will find it’s written, practical scenario is different. So if a task takes 3hours to perform add an extra hour or 2 just to be safe. Time management is one of the most important task for a manager.
A manager’s task is not to work on any project but to guide and divide the work among the team members. That’s right but as I have mentioned before, when a manager puts his nose in the task, everyone gets alert and inspired.
I my work place I was warned by my boss saying you are not motivating the employees, I was bit upset first but the next moment I have realized the importance of it. Always applaud for each and every successful task by the employees. This can even increase their productivity. If you keep mentioning the faults only then you will find that, your employees are working under fear and are not able to give their 100%. So motivate everyone, especially those who have the potential to accomplish more.
In your student life, have you ever felt like I will study very hard from the next semester and get better grade? Could you do that? May be you could, but honestly I never could. I was inspired in the beginning but got carried away as time passed. That happens in work place to. Sometimes, employees can feel that , Yes, this time I will do something great and impress everyone but as soon as time passes and the task seems bit lengthy and tough they like to give up. Make sure that doesn’t happen. So what can you do? Make sure the flow of work is same. You must have a good analysis capability. Consider the factor and calculate the daily progress.
Do you follow a routine? Or you are only creating for others but not for yourself?

Article Source: ITcrocBlog